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Scrape Wizard


Scrape Wizard is a general purpose webscraper which works on any site. Simply specify the data fields you want extracted and you'll get it...

Built with python, modal, gtp4, chatgpt.

Mini Bracket


Mini Bracket is the world's best AI writing platform for Business owners, Startups, Agencies & students who want to create engaging content...

Built with Gpt4 OpenAI.

Tiny LLMs


Powerful yet Compact: Browser-based AI models for a wide array of tasks, designed for optimal efficiency and user-friendliness, ensuring...

Built with Next.js, TailwindCSS, Vercel, Transformers.js.



Custom-made website to showcase the best desk setups and home offices along with product lists and owner bio. Featured in MorningBrew...

Built with React.



Made this to make reading 10-K reports easier. It's a Chrome extension that injects CSS to modify SEC reports to make them look cleaner....

Built with Chrome Extension, CSS.



Built with NextJS, NodeJS.

Business Toolvault


Software directory with 1000 tools listed. Turned on paid listings November 2023 and earned 10 USD already. Huge opportunity to build this...

Built with Laravel, Javascript.

Tooltiva EdTech Saas...


MicroSaaS that is designed to empower students and elevate their academic experience. It comes with an additional feature that sets it apart...

Built with Laravel, PHP and OpenAI .


Welcome to My Wanderlust Map, your AI-powered travel companion! Excited to embark on your next adventure? I'm here to guide you every step...

Built with OpenAI Assistant, Code Interpreter, Text to Speech, API, Firebase, Node, React, Next, Vercel.

My Study Break


MSB started as a Fun Project to let me enjoy my Study Break. at the end, who likes to study 24/7?. Iam personally a fan of Pomodoro...

Built with Javascript, Node JS.

AI Presentation Maker


AI presentation maker, leveraging OpenAI technology to generate business presentations in a few clicks.

Built with Python, OpenAI.

AI Marketing Planner


An AI Marketing Planner which enables a user to generate a complete marketing plan in a few clicks.

Built with Python, OpenAI.

thatBudapestLife - An...


Content website for expats and foreigners living in Budapest, Hungary. Mix of AI and human-written content. Monetized with Ezoic ads and...

Built with Notion,



SVGmix is a massive (300K+) collection of free SVG icons, collections, and brand logos. It has a simple but mighty vector editing program...

Built with PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap.



A marketplace for freelance services, powered by Lightning Network. Bitcoin only.

Built with Built with Rust, PotgreSQL, Redis.



WriteGPT is a Google Docs and Slides AI extension built on GPT APIs that integrates seamlessly with the Google Suite environment. It helps...

Built with JavaScript, GPT APIs, Google Apps Script, AirTable.


Solved a problem I have. Not know what to write in greeting cards or coming up with creative thoughtful message for special...

Built with Flask, Bootstrap.

AI Tools Link


Built this with fast growing AI trend - a directory of AI tools with their links. About 10-15% are affiliate links and have a system to add...

Built with Softr, Airtable.



A therapy chatbot that supports voice chat and remembers previous conversations. Over 1250 users with no marketing so far, great opportunity...

Built with Django.

Omus - lifetime deals you...


Omus lists lifetime deals not available elsewhere, directly from the makers. The project needs a good marketeer, I like the idea but dont...

Built with Notion Database and Notaku.

Fart Attack


10K+ active users – A Chrome Extension that pranks people by playing a super realistic fart sound whenever a link or button is clicked.

Built with HTML, Javascript.



A platform for creating structured, shareable lists of topics and discussions, like Google Docs but focused on threads for collaborative...

Built with Vue.js, CSS, Javascript, Supabase, Amplitude, Framer.



Show filtered discount codes based on cart items & customers for Shopify Plus stores at checkout.

Built with Typescript, Google Cloud.

UI Shots


I am a SaaS Developer, that's why I prefer to create multiple projects and put them on sale. Project is getting some traffic on daily basis,...

Built with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Firebase, Vercel.



See what you look like Fat or Fit, using AI. Just upload a selfie to get your body transformation photos. Great for customers who are trying...

Built with Next.js, Supabase, Stripe.



TripGenie is a Chrome Extension for Airbnb and that makes it easier for travelers to plan their travels by displaying flight...

Built with JavaScript, Tailwind CSS, Chrome Extension API.

Notion Experts


200 visitors per month thanks to the domain name only - site in the top 2 of SERP for "notion expert(s)". I haven’t done anything except...

Built with Airtable, Softr.


Scratched an itch I have - not know what to write in greeting cards or coming up with creative thoughtful message for special occasions....

Built with Flask, Bootstrap.

$25,000 delivers real-time, custom crypto alerts, empowering traders and bot operators to maximize their potential returns. Our...

Built with Nodejs, react, mongodb ,nextjs, aws, caddy, python.

Status Machine


I wanted it to be the next Pingdom, but for SEO, site availability and DNS/TLS status. That kind of thing. A real holistic approach to...

Built with Ruby, Rails, Go, JavaScript.



FindMyVino finds wine pairings for any meal. It is creative and can find matches for all types of food, including ethnic food that's not...

Built with React, Firebase.

Jeu Du Pendu


Prime domain for a French hangman game (jeu du pendu). It has had great engagement and number are steadily rising. On first page of Bing...

Built with Javascript, HTML, CSS.



Gardi was born as a side-project for my main platform, but eventually I got caught up with other projects and was not able to properly work...

Built with React.



Analogenie is a simple and intuitive tool that helps you generate analogies, improve your arguments, explain complex concepts, and help...

Built with Next.js, Open AI.



I'm busy with my contract work and other projects. Designers should buy this project. Getting 20k+ pageviews per month and 10k+ visitors per...

Built with React.



MicroSaaS that is a meticulously crafted product, poised to make waves in the real estate sector. Though it's a pre-revenue, its innovative...

Built with, Unicorn Platform, GPT 3.5, Airtable, Make.



Taamul is a simple widget that allows your visitors an easy way to leave instant visual feedback on your WordPress website through the fixed...

Built with PHP.


Brand new project that takes vercel AI, openai, the new novel editor package and lets you create documents on the fly with AI. this is a pre...

Built with Nextjs, novel, openai.

DocMate - Symptomchecker,...


Build your own symptom checker. Increase the effectiveness of every therapeut’s appointment. Convert web traffic into leads.

Built with PHP, Golang, Python.



When using WhatsHook, you immediately receive a unique, random URL, which you can use to test and debug WebHooks, emails and HTTP requests...

Built with AWS - EC2 + RDS Laravel 10 MySQL 8



WhatsPlay is a plugin that displays WhatsApp group photos and videos at events. I develop digital products for sale and WhatsPlay was...




Established read it later app waiting to be monetized with a subscription business. Paperback has been in the store since 2019 and still...

Built with Swift, SwiftUI.



Our Audioswitch simplifies the audio setup by automatically detecting when the headphones are hung or removed from the hanger. When the...

Built with python.



I'm building some products, some of them I'm going to put up for sale. Who can buy this product, I believe it is someone who wants to...

Built with AWS - EC2 + RDS Laravel 10 MySQL 8 Sendgrid.



It is a rest api that provides the city and state of an Indian pincode.

Built with Laravel, Mysql, Memcached, Lamp.

Rocket Menu


Rocket Menu helps you create a professional restaurant menu with a QR code in just a few minutes.It is perfect tool for restaurants, cafes,...

Built with Laravel, Jetstream, Livewire, Blade, TailwindCSS.



Unlock image insights with cutting-edge AI tools! Selling to focus on new venture. Ideal for developers, ML enthusiasts, and...

Built with React, Node, Express, Heroku, Vercel.



Socialink - Company Description Key Highlights: Socialink is an event app that connects users to activities in their local area and...

Built with Dart, Flutterflow.

Free Email Forwarding for...


The best free email forwarding service for custom domains. We do not keep logs nor store emails. Unlimited aliases, catch-alls, multiple...

Built with Laravel, PHP, JavaScript, Postfix.

Contact form in a link...


MailButton contact link is the most secure and simplest way to receive emails from your users or followers on social media while shielding...

Built with Laravel, PHP, JavaScript.

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