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Launched in 2019 Launched in 2017
Listings are hidden Everyone can see all listings
Requires revenue You can list projects that don't earn revenue
Approves generic businesses Focused on unique technology and IP/assets
Only expensive startups over $100k+ Affordable startups worth $100, $1 million and everything in between
Custom brokerage can only service a small number of customers You speak directly with the seller and can make a purchase as quickly as you'd like
Lots of "flippers" Community of indie hackers, builders, makers, who built something amazing, but lack marketing skills
Takes days to list your website Not more than 5 minutes

Who is for?

• Serial entrepreneurs who’ve moved on or abandoned a startup idea can sell their company on Borderline

• Established startups looking to buy relevant technology to grow their business

• Non-technical founders, marketers, designers and growth hackers who’re looking to acquire technology that didn’t work for the original creators, but are confident that their improvements will yield a better result.

• Established companies that are looking to acquire competitors in the early stages

• Established companies looking to acquihire talent

• Founders looking for an exit.