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$33 MRR for $1,500

This is an AI tool directory that has a focus on developer tools. A script adds AI tools automatically from Product Hunt. Many of the tools...

Built with Angular, Firebase

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$19,000 MRR for $6,500

A platform designed to connect entrepreneurs, startup founders, business owners, and tech enthusiasts, focusing on creating a community for...

Built with Next.js, Vercel, Supabase, Tailwindcss, and Stripe.


$1,500 MRR for $150,000

OneTap allows you to share things likes links, files, text phrases & images from your keyboard in one tap using OneTap Keyboard Shortcuts....

Built with SwiftUI

Form Slides

$100 MRR for $24,997

The best alternative to Typeform. offers unlimited responses with rich functionalities that Typeform doesn't even...

Built with AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, serverless, node.js


$1,000 MRR for $25,000

Rankinz is a SEO Agency and app that provides a subscription based approach to an agency. We have SOP's in place and a full workflow for...

Built with Flutterflow, Webflow


$100 MRR for $14,000

This startup is a SaaS tool to automatically find viral moments in YouTube videos and crop them for TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and other...

Built with Nextjs, Golang, Google Cloud, Vercel

Design Studio -...

$4,400 MRR for $84,480

UIwithUX is a leading design studio agency that specializes in crafting captivating user interfaces and seamless user experiences. With our...

Built with WordPress, Paystack, Calendly, Figma and Slack


$150 MRR for $30,000

Cutting-edge AI-powered real estate tools designed for realtors, brokerages, homeowners, interior designers, builders, contractors, and...

Built with MERN

Closet Pixie

$250 MRR for $9,000

I'm selling my browser extension that helps Poshmark sellers sell more. The extesnion has a good potenital for further development,...

Built with JS, Webflow, Firebase, Captcha API


$100 MRR for $2,500

See your future baby in AI-generated photos. Upload a photo from each parent to see what your future child looks like.

Built with Next.js, Supabase, Stripe

$500 MRR for $12,000

Transform YouTube Videos into SEO-Friendly Blogs in Any Language.

Built with TypeScript, Node, Vercel, ML


$300 MRR for $14,400

PresentationGPT is an AI Presentation Generator. About 89% of businesses use presentations in day-to-day operations. 77% students need to...

Built with OpenAI, Next.js, Firebase


$50 MRR for $2,000

The only reason I want to sell is because I don't have time for this project. The revenue is increasing and the referral and organic traffic...

Built with Next.js, MongoDB, PayPal, OpenAI API, Cloudinary Image Storage


$150 MRR for $7,000

Truffle stores important conversation summaries and answers questions automatically in Slack by combining AI with your team's past...

Built with Node.js, ElasticSearch, OpenAI

Buni Ai Web App

$1,079 MRR for $15,000

MicroSaaS that is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to create high-quality, engaging content without the hassle. Our AI-powered...

Built with JavaScript JS, HTML, PHP, mySQL


$1,300 MRR for $19,000

Edden is a Text-to-video tool. Our tool helps startups stay active on social media by generating short-form videos. We also give service...

Built with Node.js, Flutter, Firebase


$100 MRR for $950

itsfolio is a No Code powerful builder that produces interactive websites. The unique thing about itsfolio is you don't have to spend hours...

Built with PHP, Laravel

AI Toolboard

$110 MRR for $2,500

AI tools directory launched November 2022. 1000+ tools listed. Zero paid marketing. Revenue from paid listings. You can epand into email...

Built with Laravel

GPT Store

$30 MRR for $3,000

AI tools directory earning from $30/month from paid listings. No active marketing done. Selling to focus on other projects.

Built with Next.js Golang


$1,106 MRR for $62,100

A B2B SaaS for digital document analytics. Like Google Analytics, but for digital docs. Now, it serves only the niche of Notion users. For...

Built with JavaScript, React, Node.js, GraphQL, Firebase, Clickhouse, Heroku, Cloudflare


$100 MRR for $500

a library of +100 high-quality page blocks and react components ready to add to any website in seconds. literally slick elements not any...

Built with Next.js, tailwindcss, firebase


$125 MRR for $15,000

A complete media package for SaaS marketing with an active authority blog, a running newsletter, existing affiliate system and lot more for...

Built with Notion, No Code

PDF Voice

$500 MRR for $9,000

platform that leverages AI voices to create a seamless and immersive auditory adventure. Listen to your documents being read aloud with...

Built with Vercel, Next.js, Tailwind CSS,


$5,000 MRR for $30,000

AI dubbing tool

Built with React/Python/Node


$20 MRR for $5,000

I have currently launched my No-code/Low-code consulting service so I don't have the capacity to support the growth of StoryPal. Quite...

Built with Voice AI,, APIs, Stripe


$547 MRR for $3,000

Selling LaunchFast to pursue new ventures and offer a passionate web developer the chance to thrive. Perfect for devs, startups, and...

Built with Astro, HTML, Stripe, Resend, SMTP2Go, Firebase, TailwindCSS, PostHog, Upstash

Iconic Presets

$3,673 MRR for $15,000

($47,745 in Sales - $19,908 Profit) Beautifully created business selling presets for Adobe Lightroom. The store is automated and works...

Built with WordPress, WooCommerce