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Pause is an empathetic time-off management tool for startups, agencies and SMEs. Pause comes as a web app, a mobile app and a Slack...

Built with Dropwizard, Kotlin, Flutter, Typescript, React, PostgreSQL



I'm selling a SaaS + affiliate business with a proven product-market fit, $273,501 in TTM revenue, and $53,729 in TTM profit. I'm now...

Built with MeteorJS, Nodejs, MongoDB, Jquery

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Lalabild is a project for creating game houses and layouts, the idea of which is to create floor plans for the user and automatically create...

Built with Java, Angular

Directs Space


Maybe you don't want your personal email to be written to your GitHub account. Or you don't want to receive DMs just for questions about...

Built with Next.js, Redis

Super Data Ninja


Super Data Ninja is a SaaS product for recruiters and sourcing professionals that allows them to find new candidates and their contact...

Built with PhP, Symfony, VueJS, MySQL



I am selling because I have other projects. You can add paid membership with no-ads and earn money!

Built with Python, Flask, Heroku


785 million people in the world live without clean water. Clean water means education, income and health - especially for women and kids.


There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.


The most comprehensive dental practice management system Optimize the activity of your dental practice or clinic with the wonders of...

Built with html,php,css,js

Zodiac NFT


Visual search engine and AI algorithms for NFT

Built with Python, Django, TensorFlow

Aurees Git Client


Aurees Git Client is easy, fast and productive Git client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a fully Free, comes bundled with an attractive...

Built with javascipt; C#; Angular; cef; libgit; Chromium; ASP.NET; MySQL; CefGlue; Sparkle; Windows; Linux; Mac

Crypto Startup Jobs


Crypto startup job board. $980 revenue in 2 months of launching with very minimal effort put into it post launch due to not having time to...

Built with Softr, Zapier, Airtable, Stripe, Mailerlite



Using Letterflix, you can send a letter (snail mail) to anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. Letterflix is the most...

Built with Javascript, React JS, Netlify, Stripe, Paytm, HTML, CSS, Heroku

ClewGO — Interactive 3D...


ClewGO is an interactive digital twin of the building with smart and customizable floor navigation, the ability to leave a mark on the map,...

Built with WebGL, JavaScript



Quinn - A social networking mobile app around haircare - where people can connect & learn from their hair twins. Who should buy it? -...

Built with React Native, AWS, MUX, imagekit, etc

Aurees Git Client


Cross platform Git client for Windows, Mac and Linux. Aurees Git Client is a streamlined git client for viewing, editing and publishing...

Built with C#; ASP .NET; Core; javascipt; Angular; Chromium; Cef; libgit; MySql; CefGlue; Sparkle; Windows; Linux; iOS;

Railways Run


Railways Run started with the idea to build a common environment where rail simulation fans can work together sharing real-time status and...

Built with C#, WSDL, PHP



macOS app that enables users to toggle and manage system dark mode on macOS. Featured in various online Magazines and by several YouTubers...

Built with Swift



TinyLog is a SaaS publishing platform that allows users to easily publish blogs and newsletters. It's a central point for publishing needs...

Built with Laravel



SaaS platform with $8,000 in TTM revenue and $800 in revenue last month which is an email marketing and landing page creator built with...

Built with React, Node, AWS


Hospitality sector job platform. We are connecting hospitality employers (hotels, restaurants) and people who want to work in abroad....

Built with Laravel, VUE



DomeCode is a developer platform that solves the problem of navigating to a dozen of websites by bringing all the necessary tools for...

Built with Python, JS, Django, Digital Ocean

SAAS Landing Pages


Marketplace for bootstrap templates, 30+ bespoke templates included in the sale. No traffic or revenue.

Built with wordpress, woocommerce, bootstrap



I run other projects and and have to focus on them. This project is something I made for a hackathon which I won and again submitted for...

Built with VueJS, NuxtJS, Firebase, Vercel

Time Zone Converter


Time Zone Converter is a series of apps (web, macOS, Windows) that help to calculate exact time anywhere in the world across time zones. USD...

Built with AngularJS, ElectronJS



SMS Marketing Platform With Square, Stripe and Twilio integrations. The Square integration gives you a channel to a network of 6M+...

Built with JavaScript, Stripe API, Twilio API, Square API



We've built the first, and only, Google Sheet Add-on that allows users to search and collaborate on domain name searches. All they have to...

Built with Google Apps Script

Gift Box Constructor


I sell my own simple and intuitive constructor for forming a gift from the proposed components. Example of how the constructor works:...

Built with Laravel



A Rare Fully Working Instagram Growth Service tool (hard to find) - offering Scheduling and Analytics: Schedule Posts Advanced...

Built with PHP, WordPress



Selling for charity. I’ll donate 100% to Sea Watch, a human rights group that rescues people in danger...

Built with Javascript



TabNote is a Chrome extension that can help you take notes quickly and without any fuss. It also allows you to personalize your writing...

Built with JavaScript, Laravel, Chrome API


Open to...

This is a desktop application that can record a users journey on a website and replay those events in headless mode for continuous testing....

Built with Javascript, React, Electron

AR-game Colossum 3000...


Table game with Augmented reality. Based on android app. Includes original game gards with NFC, reader device with touchscreen and...

Built with AR, Unity, Vuforia


Make an...

AI-powered employee engagement platform for modern teams. We generate leading KPIs on employee morale based on surveys, 1:1s, and retros....

Built with Angular, Firebase

Tower of London Virtual...


Very huge opportunity to turn this to a small business, over 2.8 million people visit the Tower of London every year for a tour. The...

Built with wordpress, Php

Super backlink


Give your startup a dope launch with our handpicked collection of high authority startup directories and communities.

Built with WordPress


Cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. Perfect use for remote teams and online classrooms. Conduct online...

Built with BigBlueButton, PHP, Laravel, MySQL


Softfocus is a very simple site I made a while back to apply the "soft focus" effect to a picture easily (online and for free). It doesn't...

Built with Ruby / Rails / MongoDB / ImageMagick

BIN List

$1000 or...

BIN List is a database of BIN numbers%2C which are the first six numbers of a bank card used to identify the issuing bank. These numbers are...

Built with Python, Django

Bank Codes

$1000 or...

Bank Codes is a database of bank codes from different countries used to make domestic and international transfers. It currently gets around...

Built with WordPress, PHP

Dictionary Domains


I'm selling because this was a project to learn Python/Django and I don't have time to continue developing it alongside my other...

Built with Python, Django, Postgres



GrabThatSong is a reliable SoundCloud downloader. You can enter a URL of any of the songs and it will convert it to MP3. This is a...

Built with HTML, JavaScript, AWS Lambda

Cult Celebrities


We've built as the internet's ultimate resource for B-movies and obscure celebrity information. Hundreds of articles,...

Built with WordPress


Codepad was assembled in 2016. Codepad is a place for developers to share & save code snippets. It's a remarkable community (27000 members)...

Built with Laravel


4000 usd...

Curie is a personal trainer that will coach you to sit better. It's not about sitting straight all day but taking quick breaks and simple...

Built with RubyonRails, AWS, Angular



Pandacolors is simple online web tool for generating colors in one single click. Seeing the colors on templates real-time, you do not have...

Built with ReactJS, Firebase

Commit Print


I just don't have time to focus on it anymore. I've actually built out a whole 3D printing feature too, but never launched it. It's yours...

Built with laravel, mysql

Cat Attack


Selling because I don't have the time to update or maintain it. It's already made me a couple thousand dollars, and has huge...

Built with php