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Borderline Developer API

Our easy-to-use API allows you to access all active listings on Borderline, a marketplace for buying and selling web applications. Use it to create custom alerts or to integrate our marketplace with your own application. Get notified in real-time when new listings are added!

With our Developer API, you can create your own custom tools to:

  1. Search for specific types of projects
  2. Build a personalized watchlist of interesting projects
  3. Analyze market trends and insights
  4. Integrate listing data into your own apps or services
  5. And much more!

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our Developer API today and see how you can use it to enhance your experience on Borderline.

Please note that this service is provided as-is, and no warranties are provided. Access and use of the Developer API is subject to our Terms of Service.

Get Active Listings

Returns a list of all active listings available on the Borderline marketplace.


Response HTTP/GET

The API returns a JSON object containing an array of active listings. Each listing includes the following attributes:

Example Output

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

        "pitch":       "I've built out a whole 3D printing feature too, ...",
        "projectName": "Commit Print",
        "projectLink": "",
        "techUsed":    "laravel, mysql",
        "price":       "5000",
        "createdAt":   "2017-09-18T17:39:25.885Z",
        "pitch":       "This is a simple app I made to help people find local events...",
        "projectName": "EventFinder",
        "projectLink": "",
        "techUsed":    "nodejs, mongodb",
        "price":       "1000",
        "createdAt":   "2018-02-12T08:22:43.190Z",