Borderline Developer API

Get Active Listings

Returns a list of all active listings available on the Borderline marketplace.


Response HTTP/GET

The API returns a JSON object containing an array of active listings. Each listing includes the following attributes:

Example Output

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json

        "pitch":       "I've built out a whole 3D printing feature too, ...",
        "projectName": "Commit Print",
        "projectLink": "",
        "techUsed":    "laravel, mysql",
        "price":       "5000",
        "createdAt":   "2017-09-18T17:39:25.885Z",
        "pitch":       "This is a simple app I made to help people find local events...",
        "projectName": "EventFinder",
        "projectLink": "",
        "techUsed":    "nodejs, mongodb",
        "price":       "1000",
        "createdAt":   "2018-02-12T08:22:43.190Z",