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  1. trackingco.de

    A web analytics website and service. Does one thing and does it well. Basically it just tracks sessions and visits, but there's also a "scoring" mechanism that can be used to track visit value or conversions. * Optimized for using low storage space. * Beautiful UI with charts and customizable colors. I didn't market it well because I didn't have a way to collect payments, since I'm in Brazil and we're underserved here if we want to charge in USD. There's no Stripe and similar, and Paypal doesn't work well. I'm using it myself for an year and I like it a lot.

    Built with: Go, React, CouchDB, Postgres, Redis

    $3000 or worthy trade

  2. Urgent Sales Timer

    Urgent Sales Timer 5 STAR Shopify App lets you sell 3x more by placing disappearing discounts on your website through growth hacking and automation. Selling because of some health issues that are making me not have time to grow the app. -Currently, 5 star rated -Will include shopify partners account with full access to all the resources needed, including development team assistance with no work on your part -Passive income potential to $10,000/month or more -Willing to negotiate on price or offer payment plan

    Built with: Ruby on rails


  3. CryptoPrice.io

    Live Cryptocurrency Prices by Market Capitalizations - Real time ticker price data (websockets) - Basic RESTful API (nodejs) - Charts: Live / 1 Hour / 24 Hour / 1 Week / 1 Month - Exchange market data for each coin on most of the popular exchanges - Fast and responsive, mobile design - All data is retrieved from exchange APIs/websockets (in a job/queue architecture) - 45+ coins (easy to add more) Currently hosted on 2 DigitalOcean servers (frontend/backend) + cloudflare

    Built with: nodejs, websockets, react


  4. Scenery SOLD

    Scenery is a macOS app that allows you to instantly create mockups for your presentations or marketing, choosing from dozens of authentic scenes and all the latest devices. It’s a free macOS app that comes with some free templates. Additional templates can then be purchased. This part is handled by a Rails backend. The app is still generating monthly revenue, this would be a great opportunity for a solo developer to take on, ideally someone who’s also into photography and can keep the app updated with new material.

    Built with: Swift, Ruby on Rails, Stripe

    Open to suggestions. Willing to give it away for free, if the right person can be found.

  5. Bitcoin vs. Altcoins

    PWA showing the most price manipulated cryptocurrencies on Binance in real time

    Built with: next.js node.js heroku


  6. NSFW.in

    Not Safe For Work (NSFW). Used to describe Internet content generally inappropriate for the typical workplace, i.e., would not be acceptable in the presence of your boss and colleagues (as opposed to SFW, Safe For Work). NSFW.in is an attempt to make URLs short and safe. :)

    Built with: Node, Firebase


  7. Tweetgest

    Reason for selling: Less time to spend on it than I did in the past, got a couple other side projects that are helping me with my work and my young family is competing for my free time. Who should buy it: Someone who wants to progress the idea past its current state. It's very feature rich, but it needs to be properly marketed. As a software engineer this is not something I'm naturally good at. Opportunities ahead: The code is in a good state, its ready to be scaled out to more users and more content types. The running costs are negligible (its running on the AWS Lambda free tier), scaling up won't increase the costs much at all. The model could be repurposed to be personalised to users too (this would be my plan to monetise it). More details on it here: https://medium.com/@tmaslen/about-tweetgest-com-75acc477bb28 The project was profiled in NET Magazine too: https://twitter.com/tmaslen/status/794624204553515008

    Built with: NodeJS AWS Lambda


  8. Underage Investor

    UnderageInvestor.com was started to fulfill the mission of being a resource for young people and allow them to educate themselves about personal finance from credit cards to bank accounts to investing in the stock market. I have a real estate business and have not had time to focus on it. It is integrated with AdSense with no optimizations - there is no current revenue. I'm not too knowledgable on how to monetize the site. It is very appealing since there is a lot of ad dollars in the finance / credit cards / investing industry. Even though I haven't posted in several years, I still get around 800 views a month. When posting consistently, it was getting 2000 views a month. Since launching in April 2013, it has received 100K+ views.

    Built with: WordPress


  9. Oh, My Coins!

    "Oh, My Coins!" is a website where you can anonymously share your cryptocurrency loss. So far people submitted stories of lost coins that are worth about 230.5k BTC or ~$4.5B. Project did relatively great on Producthunt - http://producthunt.com/posts/oh-my-coins despite badly timed launch and the website has very positive feedback from people. The reason I'm selling is that the project feels finished for me and I don't have any more ideas.

    Built with: Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS (framework bulma.io - open source)


  10. Frontfolks

    I am selling this project because i don't have time to manage this. It is an excellent community for web designers i don't want it to die that is why i am selling it at just 500$

    Built with: Wordpress


  11. LearnShare

    I am selling LearnShare, an online platform for people to learn from one another. People can showcase in a visually stunning and rich manner what they are good at and others can connect with them to learn. The goal of the platform is to connect learners to mentors and enable people to showcase the best of their talents. Selling since I lack the talent and time currently to run the on ground operations for this.

    Built with: Rails, Heroku, Postgres, Bootstrap, Material Design

    $2000 or worthy trade

  12. Dead Coins

    I'm selling deadcoins.com (cryptocurrencies) due to lack of time to continue work on its features. It has a lot of potential, but I'm currently too invested in other projects. It has around 300 visitors per day and more importantly, a very decent and authoritative backlinks profile (it went viral and was featured on several news pages).

    Built with: Rails


  13. LearnSwift.tips SOLD

    LearnSwift.Tips - #1 Result on Google for 'Learn Swift' Since 2014 - Higher than Apple's own tutorials.

    Built with: HTML, CSS, JS


  14. Menutab

    Publish and promote your restaurant's menu on Facebook and accept online orders. Menutab is for restaurants. It's a healthy and growing project, the biggest of it's kind on Facebook. I'm selling because I'm moving on to other adventures and don't have the time this project deserves!

    Built with: PHP, XHP, MySQL, Nginx


  15. Parcels - Package Tracking

    ParcelsApp.com is simple package tracking app popular in Russia, Spain, Italy. App is available for iOS and Android. Audience is mainly online shoppers with popular Chinese stores like Aliexpress, Joom, GearBest, Banggood. Has about 10000 monthly active users, generated $250 in In-App purchases for the past month (App Store & Google Play), AdSense revenue for the past 3 months ($60, $90, $130). With proper SEO & SMM that project could grow to $5000/month or more. You should buy it if you are a developer or have a developer experienced in Node.js and React Native.

    Built with: React Native, Node.js, MongoDB

    10000 or Make an Offer

  16. TKChecker

    TKChecker is a WordPress plugin I developed a short while ago. It helps bloggers and writers to avoid writers block by using the TK method. The author puts markers throughout their text as places they need to re-visit or fact check. Instead of doing a manual find & replace the plugin summarises those markers into a to-do list inside WordPress. The plugin has had a few sales but my audience is firmly designers, it would better suit someone who has an audience of bloggers or an existing WordPress plugin business. Happy to discuss offers.

    Built with: WordPress

    $500 ono

  17. SendCatch.com

    Sendcatch.com is a neat little app that lets you transfer files between anything with a web browser and an internet connection. Go to https://sendcatch.com on two devices, and then connect any of the following ways: - Press 'Bump!' on two different devices, OR - Bump a mobile device with the spacebar, OR - Bump two devices together Here are all the ways you can connect: https://www.sendcatch.com/help DigitalOcean hosting is $5/month. Includes @sendcatch Twitter account.

    Built with: NodeJS, MongoDB


  18. BetterTomato

    BetterTomato is a mobile-first digital garden journal. It lets users track timelines for each plant, made up of notes, pictures and metrics. I built it for my own gardening, because existing options lacked the ability to track the metrics I cared about. BetterTomato lets each user add custom metric types. Selling because I don't have time to work on it, and won't be gardening next year as I'm building a house. All the basics are in place, and there are good routes to monetization via affiliate links and recommended purchases from users gardening interests, or via a freemium model.

    Built with: React, Firebase, AWS Lambda


  19. Readabler

    Readabler helps in improving your content by making it more readable. I got involved in other projects so this project is semi-abandoned.

    Built with: Nodejs, jquery, express, mongodb


  20. LoveStitchDesigns

    A web-based app that makes the processes of creating and sharing of designs of cross-stitching easy. I am selling it because It was a proof of concept and a way for me to learn Javascript. I just advertised the site with a post on a subreddit of cross stitch, in three years ~600 users with ~1200 user-created designs. Most of these from the first months of the Reddit post.

    Built with: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP


  21. Fondo - interactive wallpaper

    Fondo is an Android interactive live wallpaper that displays information from various content and service providers on a simple, minimalistic, aesthetic wallpaper while acting as a seamless feed for all the news and information you like. I am selling it since I don't have the time to maintain it anymore. the code is native Java and is ~30k Lines of Code.

    Built with: Java

    $50000 or make an offer

  22. Get Smart Audio

    Hi, The project is www.getsmartaudio.com. Its a collection of audio interviews ever given by a person. I created this to scratch my own itch. I listen to a lot of podcast and most of the interviews of Elon Musk were on youtube. Also I wasnt interested in the 10-15 min media interviews, I wanted to learn about the philosophy of the the interviewee. Plus some podcasts are not available on itunes, some are outdated and there are no xml scripts. The goal was to have a local collection of audio files, if they are not available anywhere and make a podcast app, where the major theme is the person being interviewed not the podcast show that he/she appeared on. So imagine a central location of all the audio interviews ever given by a person. A youtube for audio interviews. WHY AM I SELLING I have recently been admitted to a graduate school, and would have no time to manage this. I really believe that something like this should exist. cheers, Faizan faizan10114@gmail.com

    Built with: django, s3, heroku, bootstrap, jquery, made a custom audio player


  23. LiberWriter

    I'm selling LiberWriter.com - a site that helps authors turn their Word files into eBooks for sale on Amazon and elsewhere. It's a real site with customers and revenue, but it hasn't done much more than break even for a while because I haven't had the time to properly promote and follow it lately. It's not going to earn you millions, but it has been a fantastic learning experience, and I think it shouldn't be too hard to make it profitable again. I could just shut it down, but I'd love to see it in the hands of someone who will keep the business going and invest some energy into it.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, Postgres

    Make an offer

  24. DiscogsScan

    I'm offering Discogs Scan, an Android app to quickly catalog your CD collections (and LP to a lesser extend). The app has been in the app store for quite some time and there clearly is an interest in new and improved features. I can think of many and I'm willing to brainstorm if you're interested. I would love to see this application grow because I use it myself. The name is officially allowed by the Discogs.com CEO, so you are safe there. Although I have always tried to be very honest and open in my communication to customers. Currently it's making a few dollars a months with ads, but personally, I would remove them and replace it with some kind of subscription model.

    Built with: Java (Android) and Firebase. I have a small backend in Spring Boot that is currently not used, but you can have the code too.

    Make me a good offer. If you promise to develop this further and give me access to all new features, I may even give it away for free. I would also be open to cooperation with a good designer that can drag me along and make sure I code a bit every week :)

  25. Mailmoat

    Web application for users to manage their domains' email authentication DNS records - SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. It makes it easy to manage multiple third-party email services that use your domain while maintaining compliance with the relevant specifications / RFCs. It is primarily a Ruby on Rails application with a DNS server written in Go that is used to get around the 10 DNS lookup limit that is one of SPF's primary limitations.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, Go


  26. MiniParty

    MiniParty is a new view on your facebook events, to easily see where your friends are going and join them. All with an improved user experience. Never really got the time to market and improve it. It is working and is implemented as a SPA with no backend, so no server to worry about.

    Built with: VueJS,Material Design Lite


  27. Commit Print

    I just don't have time to focus on it anymore. I've actually built out a whole 3D printing feature too, but never launched it. It's yours for launching!

    Built with: laravel, mysql


  28. Cat Attack

    Selling Catattack.co because I don't have the time to update or maintain it. It's already made me a couple thousand dollars, and has huge potential. The vast majority of that came over the week I launched on Product Hunt two years ago. Despite doing zero marketing since then, I still get a few bucks a week from the site. With some love and attention, this could be a steady stream of income! You can also take the code and build numerous texting sites. You could even clean up the code and sell it as a generic "annoying texting site" template for $99. Tons of possibilities if you have the time and energy! The entire thing runs off of a $5 digital ocean droplet and texts are sent through plivo. Whole site is custom coded on php, so you should know how to code php if you're buying the site!

    Built with: php


  29. Pretty Little VPN

    Turn-key VPN hosting service built using Ruby on Rails, Stripe, and Digital Ocean. Users sign up and provision dedicated VPN instances through Digital Ocean Droplets. VPN's are setup automatically in a highly secure manner.

    Built with: Rails, Stripe, Digital Ocean API


  30. FreelanceDevLeads

    FreelanceDevLeads is a project aggregator for freelancer web developers. Finding new freelance projects is time consuming. Even more so if you are looking for remote work. To allow you to spend more time developing and less time searching for projects, the website provide a list of remote-friendly developer projects sourced from reputable online boards such as Authentic Jobs, WeWorkRemotely and Smashing Magazine.

    Built with: php,mysql


  31. Hya Wave

    audio sample editor with advanced features - microphone record, sample zoom, custom made effects, instant undo / redo, export, mixing. Optional backend written in node to persist samples on the cloud (Google Cloud Platform) - the backend is not active right now in the online version, but can be easily set up.

    Built with: Javascript

    $20000 or worthy trade

  32. SongsOye

    Song Downloader. This app lets you search for any song using youtube's api and once you select a song it fetches that song convert it into mp3 using ffmpeg and then lets you download the song.

    Built with: PHP (Laravel) for the Web and Python for commandline


  33. JOQUZ - Visual Arts Blog

    JOQUZ is a daily-updated blog featuring creative and inspiring stories on art, design, photography and visual culture. Founded in 2007, as a simple web directory for creative links, JOQUZ has been an engaging platform for both artists and art lovers. Today, JOQUZ has turned it’s platform into a daily-updated, and carefully curated visual art and design blog where our editor’s hand-pick highly gifted people from around the world and showcase their jaw-dropping works under: Art, Design, Photography, Inspiration, Motion and Sound categories. Our blog is available on your desktop computer, smartphone, and tablet.

    Built with: Wordpress


  34. Shushify.com

    Restaurants and bars are too loud, making conversation uncomfortable. Shushify.com makes it possible to rate restaurants by noise level, encouraging users to download decible level apps for objective feedback.

    Built with: Wordpress

    Donation of your choice to org of your choice

  35. DevFreeBooks

    I'm selling DevFreeBooks, because I don't have time to focus on it anymore, my main focus today is my startup WatchCoins. This my second great project, with a lot of followers on facebook and producthunt. DevFreeBooks is a collection of free books for developers and it's open-source.

    Built with: Node.js, Harp.js


  36. Equity Owl

    Equity Owl allows you to trade equity in your startup or idea for professional talent

    Built with: Wordpress


  37. Raccoon MX

    Raccoon MX is an email forwarding service, targeted towards users with numerous domains that are interested in having emails for each be directed towards one central inbox. Features: - Basic, Standard and Pro plan levels - Automatic MX record checks for user domains - Authentication handled with Auth0 - Payment processing through Stripe - Fully configured Postfix instance with anti-spam/anti-virus/auto responders The entire site (Postfix + MySQL + UI) is self contained on a single Digital Ocean droplet which should provide for a simple image transfer to another account.

    Built with: AngularJS, Express, Node, MySQL, Postfix, Auth0, Stripe


  38. TextFWDR

    I am now focusing on other things

    Built with: Go, Postgres, NSQ, Javascript, AWS, Twilio

    Best offer

  39. KYTE

    We’re building a social planner that doesn’t conform to unrealistic notions of beauty or perfection but rather creates a space to be funny, honest or whatever else you might feel like at the moment you create and share a KYTE. https://medium.com/@KYTEAPP/kyte-is-a-cool-social-planner-f65b15791108

    Built with: Swift


  40. ThemeBro

    It's a WordPress theme search engine that lets you search through WP themes using visual filters. The site makes money with affiliate links for these themes. https://www.producthunt.com/posts/themebro-2-0 The site is currently offline, reach out to find out more.

    Built with: PHP, JavaScript, WordPress


  41. Woo It Boo It

    Segregated opinions without diplomacy. User simply have to take side on the topic with their opinion. App can be used for 1) polling 2) collecting pros and cons 3) feedback on a topic (positive or negative) More features under development, we can talk if anyone interested.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, Less


  42. Grad (City)

    Grad (eng. City) is a mobile application that offers just best locations, events and coffee bars to visit. The project includes Laravel based backend, an iOS mobile application written in Swift and large part of Android application written in Java. Web-application also includes administration panel, a landing page creator, and API serving the data. There is another microservice that parse data with newest events (feed). The project is currently designed for Bosnia and Herzegovina but feed is being extracted in real-time therefore you can transfer Grad and use it for any city or country of your choice.

    Built with: PHP, Sqlite, Swift, Java


  43. Browse by voice

    'Browse by Voice' is an end-to-end speech based browsing application that captures user commands from your computer based audio input or your android device. Here is what you can do using ‘Browse by Voice’ - Check emails Send Chat messages Open websites Navigate websites Use search engines Play videos Open images Automatically login to your social media and email accounts All of these without using your keyboard or mouse. And this is not it. You can even connect your computer to your android device wirelessly and send voice commands via our android app.

    Built with: JavaScript, Chrome APIs


  44. Photoscorer

    Photoscorer calculates score for profile picture by using machine learning and image recognition. More you use Photoscorer better results you will get. At Photoscorer we detect various traits of awesome profile pictures - Sentiment analysis: happiness, sadness, confused, confidence etc. In general profile pictures which display a smile and confidence is likely to be rated higher.

    Built with: Android, Python, AWS, Image recognition, machine learning


  45. Forex API

    Forex API is a simple service which provides reliable and accurate exchange rate data for any business or application. The platform is developed using Python3 and Django. I would like to sell Forex API as I have other commitments which require my full attention. This is a great project for someone looking to get started within the FinTech industry and has great potential.

    Built with: Python, Django, PostgreSQL


  46. Printsmake

    Custom prints made easy.

    Built with: Javascript, CSS3, HTML5


  47. Sublid

    Sublid is a subscription management platform, that allows users to track their reoccuring subscriptions (think mailchimp, netflix, dropbox etc.) and trials. The software then notifies users when the payments are coming up, what payment source is assigned. It also lets you know when a trial is about to finish up so you don't get charged. Great for someone who has some more ideas on where to take the project and some good marketing skills.

    Built with: Elixir, Phoenix, React


  48. Hacker News Messenger

    Tagline: Interact, search and follow the latest HN posts on Messenger. It was built with the simple purpose of delivering the latest news on HN via Facebook messenger. It also sends you daily updates about the latest happenings. Looking for information on "bitcoin"? Enter the term and get the latest posts.

    Built with: Chatfuel, some API's with Zapier


  49. Feedcrunch

    You spend hours reading article and can't keep up with the incoming flow of news ? You bookmark hundred of links ? You spend hours finding this d*mned article you have read last week ? Feedcrunch has been designed to help you reading only the news you care about, saving them and helping you finding them back. With an extensive social network integration, Feedcrunch allows you to repost your reading on Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIn and Slack. A chrome extension has been developed to facilitate even more the user interaction.

    Built with: Python, Django, Material Design, Chrome Extension, CloudFoundry

    Make Offer

  50. Openchessbooks

    A web site where chess books are made freely available with animated chessboards instead of static diagrams. The web site has been on line for around 5 years and has a steady number of visitors.

    Built with: Python, Flask on Openshift


  51. benchi

    A blog with over 250 followers in a blockchain social network. There is a lot of future for this platform, and I already have a well based following. I already have 180 Steem invested in the blog.

    Built with: blockchain


  52. Hpyegadget

    Fully functional Dropshipping Aliexpress store + fully automated with descriptions and images grabber + automatic ordering plugin(Zero-up cost $1700) +Domain +Soaicls Account

    Built with: Shopify


  53. Kite

    Kite's an iPhone app that allows the user to remove email newsletters from their inbox and give them a specific place. The newsletters the user chooses (we have a collection of 200+ hand picked publishers) won’t show up in their inbox anymore. The user's notified and can read them in the Kite app. The project got 300+ likes on Product Hunt (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/kite-9) and a lot of interaction from the community.

    Built with: Swift, Objective-C, Node.js


  54. Shopie

    Shopie is an android app that implements a Tinder like interface (cards + swipe to like) for amazon products. Original business plan was to get amazon affiliate commissions but abandoned project due to failing to get traction. If you are looking to implement a tinder like app with a easy to use, swipeable cards interface, the code for this should serve you well.

    Built with: Java, Android, Amazon API


  55. Revolt Asterisk

    An asterisk based CTI which can be used in any place that requires information storage and retrieval based on customers who has called before.

    Built with: Node.js, Express, socket.io, mysql

    $500 or trade

  56. B2B customer lead generation

    Mycustomerlead.com is a product where companies can post a request about B2B customer leads and get hand curated highly targeted B2B customer leads. There is a great opportunity lie ahead to help B2B startups in lead generation and at the same time get higher margin out of every service.Most B2B companies face the same situation of getting first 100-500 potential customer lists and there lies this solution. You can also include services such as Bundle package, On demand email marketing, Email template design, etc We have already built the brand image and have helped some of the best B2B startups in the world with a profit margin of 45%

    Built with: Wordpress


  57. Bot Explorer

    Bot Explorer is a a bot to search and explore bots for messenger, slack, sms, kik and telegram. Started off as a simple side project has now grown to a lot a of users. Im occupied managing me other projects so this one is up for sale.

    Built with: Node, Express


  58. Read2Me

    Instantly convert articles from your favorite websites or uploaded files into audio which you can listen to while you're driving, walking or doing whatever.

    Built with: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, Pusher, AWS


  59. Tick.chat

    Tick's main aim is to removing prejudgments. You can chat nearby persons in anonymously. There have been tons of startups for these. But wait, why I did Tick.Chat? 🤔 If an app says you, "Hey, you can chat anonymously!", the app mustn't have registration step. The app shouldn't ask gender, name, profile picture and whatever which your personal identity. If the app asks, we have to think about our privacy. I thought a lot. That's the reason I write Tick.Chat. Tick's vision is solid and simple, yet both UI and UX are lightweight. And the most exciting thing is it is open source! 💪 What does the app brings you? 💭 The right question is, who are you? If you strict politician, you can do politics. If you a real cat lover you can give an advice who has cats. If you are a product owner, ask for feedback your last cool app. The sky is the limit. Eventually, Tick.Chat's main aim has your fun/productive time. If the vision got you, keep reading please. 😻

    Built with: Nodejs, Vuejs, socket.io


  60. Monday Morning

    Facebook Messenger automated messaging service. The user simply needs to answer a few questions, then wait for Monday morning for an introduction. The service is live and has been tested in southeast Asia. The payment flow is enabled through the website. The only thing left to create a business is traffic generation.

    Built with: Java, AWS.


  61. CreditBitcoins

    This app lets users buy bitcoin on credit using a unique verification system. If you're credible on other bitcoin platforms, you can be trusted to buy on credit here. It makes money by taking a small cut of every payment. Project has a popular Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/creditbitcoins/ The project used to have the domain creditbitcoins.co and averaged 1000 hits / month until January this year: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kozty7fczc6wm97/Screenshot%202017-09-09%2010.16.04.png?dl=0 Help restore this project to its full potential!

    Built with: Rails


  62. Overland Blast

    Overland Blast is an iOS Game where you shoot an assortment of weapons at swarms of incoming creatures. The game is free with in-game purchases, so you can go download it and check it out for free if you're interested in buying / bartering. The game includes: * 20 levels split into 5 unique areas, with different visual themes in each area * 20 baddies * A full story line with level briefings, NPC character animations and voice-overs * 8 weapons (catapult, laser gun, rocket launcher, mortar, nuke, etc.) * 4 types of traps (freeze trap, poison trap, explosive trap, slow trap) * Unique upgrades for each weapon * Music for each level, and menu music * Full sound for all in-game events * In-game purchases for gold, crystals, and to unlock levels 11-20. This sale/barter includes everything. All code, the website and domain, all original and derivative assets, sounds, music, etc. We will need to transfer the app to your Apple Developer account; mine has other apps in it.

    Built with: Objective-C, SpriteKit

    Any reasonable offer or trade

  63. What If Bitcoin SOLD

    WhatIFBitcoin.com will make the user so unhappy that they will share it on social media and generate more traffic for the site :). The site got featured on major news publications like OM.com , lifehacker and more and since the initial viral hype has passed it still gets 8000 page views a day and people share it all over social media. You can read more about how I built it here: https://medium.com/@surfcoderepeat/i-put-ph-launch-guide-to-test-and-this-is-what-happened-6ddd9b271ec3

    Built with: HTM,CSS,JS

    $2999 or worthy trade

  64. Mojoud

    Hey. Mojoud was my side project for the past 12 months, and I built it while learning how to use ruby on rails for building a saas app, and web apps in general! I want to sell it, because I don't need it anymore, I think someone else might benifit from it more than I do! It is well designed, beautiful frontend, on a robust and fast backend, two form of authenticaiton, local and by using one of the most used social networks, facebook. it also offers a strong foundation if you want to rebuilt it , or use another idea on top of it!

    Built with: Ruby on rails, Bootstrap 3, Postgres, Heroku

    2500$ (negotiable)

  65. Sportal - Find players

    Sportal - Find players is an android app to discover like-minded sport players instantly for playing any sport you want. With Sportal you can find players in your locality and play any sport with them. It is easy to use and gives you access to a plenty of players in your locality longing to play the same sport as you, instantly. Though the app don't have much users yet but the concept is liked by a lot of people and they said they'd love to use it. Proof of concept: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14110218

    Built with: Java, Android, Firebase

    Minimum $15000

  66. Nail Designs

    Assortment of 4 beauty apps available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms with combined count of over 2 million downloads. All equipped with original content and full IP rights. All native client side code.

    Built with: Swift, Java


  67. Catgifpage

    Catgifpage and Doggifpage are 2 already famous website dedicated to hilarious cat and dog gifs. It comes with 2 websites and active social media acounts.

    Built with: php, html, css

    15ETH or $5000

  68. icons Ink

    SAS product to sell icons. Collection of Outline, Glyph and Color Icon

    Built with: ReactJS, Laravel


  69. Wedtabs

    Wedding guest list management tool, allowing the user to store guests in a spreadsheet and send them texts and emails en masse. Can be used for example to send RSVP templates by text and parse the results to record how many people are coming. I am leaving it behind as I am busier with other projects. Requires someone with solid marketing knowledge to make it take off.

    Built with: Node.js, React, Redux, Sass, MongoDB, Twilio, SendGrid


  70. Node.js web hosting

    A popular Node.js web hosting service needs a new owner to focus on marketing and user growth. The service is profitable with $2,500 MRR and 150% MRR yearly growth. SEO optimized - for most search terms the service appears on first page in search results. The stack is fully redundant and can automatically recover from failures.

    Built with: Node.js, docker, etcd, PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, ...

    $240,000 or offer

  71. vBookmarks.com

    Why vBookmarks.com ? (Is this yet another Bookmarking site?) How many website addresses can you remember? 10, 50, 100? This is where vBookmarks.com make your life easier. You can use vBookmarks.com to Save and Share your bookmarks online. You can access your bookmarks from anywhere from the world and from any computer or mobile devices.You can get Recommended sites from people around world.

    Built with: JavaScript,jQuery,PHP,HTML5,CSS3,Bootstrap


  72. Tally.io

    There are 420 jelly beans in a container. I want to know the ratio with the number of blue to red, green to yellow and the total numbers of each jelly bean every single hour. Is it easier to dump our jelly beans and recount our totals every time, or keep track of the information we want as we add our beans individually? Keeping track of what we need as we add each bean makes more sense. However, say our container had different pockets for each type of bean, sorted by the color. Would that make it faster to get our information every time? Yes, it would. Much faster than counting from a blob of beans, but if I already know the information I want, it still would be faster to keep track of the information as I keep adding new beans. Big data works the same way; it’s inefficient to traverse through a dataset every single time we want to get updated values from our data. Big Data is big because there is a vast amount of data being generated and flowing at a given time. Modern databases are l

    Built with: C#, AWS Beanstalk, ASP.NET, MySQL, Javascript, HTML,


  73. Hand-written character dataset

    2.7 Million hand-written characters (A-Z) in Vector and Bitmap format; ready for use as "MNIST stand-in". All datapoints are labeled with the writer's gender, country of origin and the industry they work in (i.e. artist, media, ict, etc.). All data is formatted (in Protobuf and PPM-style formats) and I've written Node.JS based exporters which output to JSON and actual images already. Would be a great dataset for any Neural Net that wants to go a little further than just MNIST's digits. Still needs an exporter for Python/C++ if you want to use it for any of the major ML platforms, which should be easily converted from my NodeJS exporter (which is already quite well optimized). For the right offer I'll do it for you.

    Built with: NodeJS, Protobuf

    $20000 or offer

  74. CashbackOptimizer

    This is a website (as well as apps for iPhone and Android) to help people find the most optimal card to use for a given category. Lots of potential, especially with how lucrative credit card advertising is, but I haven't had luck in promoting/monetizing it.

    Built with: Node, Ruby, ionic, Postgres


  75. FitPayment / Built Billing

    Web based billing and invoicing system that generates revenue from processing fees on payments. Anchor customer pushes $15k through the system monthly. Platform growth is a matter of work; prospective customers are knocking on my door wanting to leave paypal. Project partner is well known icon in the industry.

    Built with: Python, Flask, JS


  76. BytedBy

    BytedBy as in "Sponsored By" is a marketplace for commercial endorsements of scientists, developers, engineers, technologists, etc. - think how cool it would be to see Elon Musk on a Wheaties box

    Built with: Rails, MongoDB

    Open To Offers

  77. Front Page New Tab extension

    A chrome extension that replaces a user's new tab page with headlines from a custom-selected set of publications. It's really easy to update scrapers when sites have HTML changes, but I've been too busy with another start up to maintain. Users create a lot of new tabs per day, so this could make a lot ton of pageviews for someone interested in promoting it.

    Built with: Javascript


  78. Bookcelerator.com

    Bookcelerator.com is a curated listed of books from Product Hunt, Hacker News, Good Reads, etc. It has a popular following and I have about 15 books summaries that are not yet published which could be used as a paid product. Has a few hundred subscribers. I just don't have the time with work and travel to maintain this project.

    Built with: Laravel, MySQL, Linux, Nginx

    Make offer or Trade

  79. PitchPodcasts.com

    PitchPodcasts.com is a site where podcasts request for speakers and where people can pitch their skills, life experience or projects to podcasts. It's a win win. I don't have enough time to work on this at this time but feel it's a great idea!

    Built with: Laravel, MySQL, Linux, Nginx.

    Make offer or Trade

  80. StockBrokerGame.com

    StockBrokerGame.com is a popular stock trading game that is on web, iOS and Android. It has over 18,925 members with over $16,835,174 profits for players of the game. I just don't have the time or passion to maintain this project, too busy with work and a new project.

    Built with: PHP, MySQL, Linux, Apache hosted on MediaTemple.net

    Make offer or Trade

  81. JobCompass.net

    JobCompass has been around since 2009 and is a popular iOS and Android application where people can find job's locally in over 55 countries. There is also the ability to post a job for $25/listing. I just don't have the time or passion to maintain it anymore, looking for buyer or interesting trade. Been featured (and continues to be featured) in popular magazines and websites like Mens Health, Yahoo, MSN, Mashable.

    Built with: Laravel (PHP), MySQL, Linux, Apache

    Offer or Trader

  82. LearntEmail SOLD

    Marketing automation suite - with a focus on machine learning and easy to use UX. It also supports sending emails with videos in them - so you can do personalized video. It it has a smorgasbord of email marketing functions; from newsletters to automation to cold outbound emails. Had some success talking with people and getting trials; but I'm not a great salesperson. I think I personally lack focus, and that somebody else might be able to build on the small momentum to make something great!

    Built with: Django, Python3, React, Relay, Material-UI

    O($1000) - happy to talk

  83. InstructorTuT

    Fully functional SaaS for searching tutors, instructors and fitness trainers.

    Built with: Ruby On Rails, es6 + react + webpack, jQuery, postgresql

    $80 000

  84. Ionic Video Chat

    Fully functional real time Video and Group Text chat app similar to Viber or WhatsApp. It has full multi-platform support for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux built using Ionic 2. There are two separate versions, for Ionic 1 and 2, both of which generate income on the marketplace, and include a Node backend. I am running out of time to maintaining them, as I am spending time on Unity rather than Ionic lately. If you are looking for a custom chat app with full source code, this project is for you.

    Built with: Ionic, Ionic2, Node, WebRTC

    $25000 or offer

  85. Chargeback Disputer

    Originally spun out of Crunchbutton, Chargeback Disputer automatically responds to customer chargebacks to combat and eliminate friendly fraud. It is built on top of the Stripe API and is fully functional. With a little more development and functionality, Chargeback Disputer could be your new best friend.

    Built with: Node, Angular, MongoDB

    $15000 or offer

  86. Mail Princess

    Mail Princess is a mobile app for iOS and Android that allows it's users to send checks, documents, and faxes from your phone. The product is active and has active users. Mail Princess needs a new owner to take her home and care for her with development, marketing, and a little love.

    Built with: Ionic, PHP, Javascript, MySQL

    $40000 or offer

  87. TagsForLikes

    The most popular SEO tool for Instagram. Used on over 200 million pictures on Instagram and counting. Millions of users worldwide.

    Built with: iOS, Android, JS, HTML, CSS, Node.js


  88. Enforced Vacation

    Pauses incoming email, generally when off work, from arriving in a user's inbox. Has override rules (high priority and/or specific words in the subject) to allow some messages through. Existing content in the inbox and outbound email still work. But any email sent to the user is held up until they are back on work hours. Handled Exchange and POP3 based email servers. Designed for business accounts. Runs on Azure. Complete and fully tested.

    Built with: C#

    open to an offer

  89. Listymail

    Listymail allows users to create mailing lists in seconds. Drawing inspiration from Doodle and other no-account-required sites, ease of use is the main selling point of Listymail. The system works well but is very basic. Close to no active users. The perfect buyer knows some PHP/Laravel and is interested in marketing.

    Built with: Laravel, Mailgun


  90. GetRoadmaps

    I started this about a year ago, launched around the beginning of 2017. I just was not able to follow through with much marketing. The app is shut off for now due to AWS cost vs revenue. About 2500 lines of code from `rails stats` and light on the testing. This could be a good grab for a Rails developer who excels at marketing or a someone savvy in the business side with a Rails developer to take over and tweak.

    Built with: Rails 5.0.x stack, no SPA

    $3500 OBO (Estimated cost(to build) from estimatemyapp.com $45,450)

  91. CodeInPerson

    Book talented, local coders who will get you up to speed on something technical, in-person. It's a full prototype: marketplace, booking engine, profiles, payment integration, decent design. Search 'ruby on rails', 'san francisco' to see the full flow. I'm now working in a different industry, so am not interested in developing it.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, Stripe


  92. Neural Trader

    Autonomous crypto-currency trading using advanced neural networks to data mine decisions.

    Built with: NodeJS, NPM, Yarn, SocketIO, Express, VueJS, Docker, Nginx


  93. Meet Me In

    Ever tried planning a trip with someone who lives in a different city than yourself? Meet Me In is a web app that shows you the cheapest place for both of you to fly to (on the same date). For example: Flying from NYC & LA on Sept 16: 1) Dallas (DFW) $119 (62+57) 2) Ft Lauderdale (FLL) $138 (51+87) 3) Houston (IAH) $144 (87+57) *one way prices The heart of this app is its flight search API that allows for queries from one city to anywhere (similar to google flights explore page). These results are compared between the two input cities to determine the cheapest destination.

    Built with: Python 3 (Flask), Javascript, HTLM/CSS


  94. Dropanon

    Tired of up votes, likes, and followers? Don't want to see some dude photographing food in front of his sleeping kid? Just want to see what people are thinking when they're standing where you are? Great, us too. Welcome to Dropanon. No accounts, no points, no nonsense. Drop a note about what's good, bad, or otherwise--it can only be read within a few feet of where you're standing.

    Built with: React, React Native, Firebase


  95. Grooply

    Grooply is the best way to get people together, whether for work or for fun. To this day there's a surprising lack of simple ways to find out when everyone's available for an event or meeting—even though there are a lot of people working on it. Doodle is still the most popular choice for figuring out when to meet for any purpose, and thus Grooply is, in essence, a far better Doodle. Grooply has over 400 users and will be easy to grow with network effects.

    Built with: Meteor (JavaScript, Node)


  96. Social Roller - Chrome Extension

    This is an like bot for Instagram. It clicks the "like" button on a post, waits a few seconds, then clicks the next button and repeats the process over and over again. You can leave the tab open with Social Roller running while you work on other things. The extension tries to act like a normal user would (random human like pauses) and automatically stops after liking 50 posts (configurable). This is an extension that's been fairly well received by users. It currently has around 75 active users across several Chrome Web Store items (it use to be multiple editions and they have all merged into one but there are still multiple listings in the store). I haven't pursued it much but I think the right person could make a little more money on the idea. It would need some very minor updating each time that Instagram updates the design of their page. The source code is maintained in GitHub. There is no website or web service behind it so no hosting is necessary.

    Built with: HTML, CSS, Javascript


  97. VideoReadr

    Add multimedia captions to any YouTube video. You can embed the video+captions package into another web page or share link that starts the video presentation from a specific time. See example - http://www.videoreadr.com/read/richard-st-john-secrets-of-success-in-8-words-3-minutes. Currently requires flash to play youtube video, but code can be modified to use html5 video player instead.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, Javascript

    $2500 or worthy trade

  98. YourAudioTour.com

    An online web app that allows anyone to quickly create simple audio tours for their museum/event. Uses Amazon Polly to convert text to speech so that users don't go through the hassle of recording their own voice. Several users have successfully created and served tours to users. I just haven't had the time to continue moving the project forward and attracting new users. Room for some interesting improvements such as auto translation of text into other languages to allow users to instantly create multi-language tours.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails

    Suggest an Offer

  99. FauxBuy

    Validate your idea before you create the product. A copy & paste buy button to see if your web idea will sell. I've got no marketing chops so I'd love to unload this simple MVP on someone who thinks they can turn it into something better. Previous version would take a credit card number and do a checksum while the current version just asks for email address. It's kept in github so the code history is all available.

    Built with: PHP, HTML, JavaScript

    $100 OBO

  100. Ledger Keeper

    An expense tracker web application that uses real accounting principles instead of presenting a dumbed down version. All transactions must have two accounts, a debit account and a credit account. You can export your transactions in a CSV format that you can then import into any accounting software. Meant to be used to keep track of your (or your company) expenses when you are on the road. Simple design with a focus on making it extremely easy to create transactions quickly.

    Built with: Django, Javascript

    Make a suggestion

  101. Hakrlog

    It's a blogging platform for hackers. Log-In ,write in Markdown, and hit publish. that's all. It's free Did I mention the best thing? Its free .You get your own subdomain. No monthly charges, No display advertising either

    Built with: Rails

    Make an offer

  102. Hacker News Browser Extension

    It's a browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) and a backend service that allows you to easily access the discussion happening on Hacker News about a page you are visiting.

    Built with: Node, Web Extensions Api, Firebase

    Worthy trade

  103. Mastermind Match

    I don't have enough time to build traffic to the site. Another side project has grown and is now taking all of my time, so I need to leave Mastermind Match behind.

    Built with: WordPress, Stripe

    2500 or best offer

  104. Tenant Update

    Helps landlords / property managers onboard tenants. Provides quick and easy access to essential property info for landlords and tenants.

    Built with: Laravel, Bootstrap


  105. GeoQuiz Bot

    GeoQuiz Bot (geoquizbot.com or facebook.com/GeoQuizBot) is a travel trivia game played on Facebook Messenger Platform. I wanted to create games on Messenger to replicate the success on the Facebook Canvas Apps platform. This one in particular makes use of unique features on Messenger like sending user location. Currently it gets single digit users a day (new or returning), but users who start playing always play many rounds before stopping, proving the base game to be interesting at least. I am selling because 1) I don't know how to market it further without spending money, 2) I've lost interest and want to work on other projects instead, 3) I have many other projects going on plus a full time job so I want to narrow focus. I think with some good game design it could have a deeper/more meaningful game play, or another directionally different approach is to tack on a lot more travel-related content to it, making it a good acquisition target for TripAdvisor eventually.

    Built with: PHP, Redis, Apache, Linux, Facebook Messenger API


  106. TeenPatti

    TeenPatti is a fantastic card game loved by many. It's a desi spin on Poker. It includes an extensible core which allows for many variations to the classic game.

    Built with: C#.Net

    Rs. 10000

  107. Easy_bit

    Have you ever just wanted to know the value of a crypto currency? And just its price evolution? A lot of people who are interested in crypto currency just want to check that two basic information. Yet it is quite difficult to find a simple, fast and beautiful source for that. I actually just know one - but only for ETH. Why not create a website that is simple and beautiful, shows the current price of a currency and a chart with its performance. Like this: https://ethereumprice.org/ - but with more currencies! Feel free to contact me for more information! :)

    Built with: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript


  108. BackerETA

    Crowd Sourced Order Tracking. Has three revenue streams. 1) Google ads 2) Cross sell links (not activated) for affiliate revenue 3) Project owners pay small fee to have their ship dates published.

    Built with: Rails 5 API (Heroku + PostgreSQL), React Client (AWS S3 hosted)

    Make Offer

  109. BoxRowSeat

    BoxRowSeat is a marketplace to enable direct, secure ticket resale between sports fans or concert-goers. BRS connects sellers who want to re-sell their ticket online without the hassle of haggling, emailing and meeting strangers in dark alleys and the buyers looking to purchase guaranteed, authentic tickets direct from sellers without paying unnecessary fees. Technologies include: Rails, Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS notifications, SendGrid for email notifications and AWS for storage.

    Built with: Rails, Stripe for payments, Twilio for SMS notifications, SendGrid for email notifications and AWS for storage.


  110. xilften

    A video content management system. Videos can be purchased/viewed on android/ios devices. Includes mobile apps, admin website, CDN interface, paypal integration... (contact me via email)

    Built with: Angular, NodeJS, React native, AWS Lamda, Vimeo, AWS Cloudfront


  111. Get Better Luck

    Do you struggle to get the ideal gig, browsing through multiple job sites? Do you find it hard to get quality, high paying projects on those freelancing websites? Get Better Luck is a job aggregator with simple, yet powerful filters. Just set your preferences – the type of ideal project or job, where you want to work, how you want to work – you will get the suited posts from popular postings across the internet.

    Built with: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CSS (SCSS)

    $10,000 - Well, actually no idea.

  112. Hunger

    1-click food delivery mobile apps in Dubai. Both Android & iOS app that use a 3rd party to fulfill the delivery request to restaurants.

    Built with: ionic, angular-js, node-js


  113. Car Cost Calculator SOLD

    Graph the Net Present Value and depreciation of a car over time. An easy to use calculator that is a handy tool when you're looking to buy a car. Averages 200-300 page views a month. There's lots of monetization potential but that's not something I'm very good at.

    Built with: Javascript, SASS


  114. The Movie Project

    The Movie Project is a visual display of popular movies grouped by year. It makes it real easy to pick a movie for movie nights.

    Built with: Javascript, HTML, SASS