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Make an...

AI-powered employee engagement platform for modern teams. We generate leading KPIs on employee morale based on surveys, 1:1s, and retros....

Built with Angular, Firebase

Tower of London Virtual...


Very huge opportunity to turn this to a small business, over 2.8 million people visit the Tower of London every year for a tour. The...

Built with wordpress, Php

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Built with WordPress



Video conferencing has become the darling of remote workers during the COVID-19 crisis. Zoomies is a browser plugin that speed-dials into...

Built with Javascript, Nodejs


Cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars. Perfect use for remote teams and online classrooms. Conduct online...

Built with BigBlueButton, PHP, Laravel, MySQL


Softfocus is a very simple site I made a while back to apply the "soft focus" effect to a picture easily (online and for free). It doesn't...

Built with Ruby / Rails / MongoDB / ImageMagick


785 million people in the world live without clean water. Clean water means education, income and health - especially for women and kids.


There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.

BIN List

$1000 or...

BIN List is a database of BIN numbers%2C which are the first six numbers of a bank card used to identify the issuing bank. These numbers are...

Built with Python, Django

Bank Codes

$1000 or...

Bank Codes is a database of bank codes from different countries used to make domestic and international transfers. It currently gets around...

Built with WordPress, PHP

Dictionary Domains


I'm selling because this was a project to learn Python/Django and I don't have time to continue developing it alongside my other...

Built with Python, Django, Postgres



GrabThatSong is a reliable SoundCloud downloader. You can enter a URL of any of the songs and it will convert it to MP3. This is a...

Built with HTML, JavaScript, AWS Lambda


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Take a stand against racism and police brutality.

Cult Celebrities


We've built as the internet's ultimate resource for B-movies and obscure celebrity information. Hundreds of articles,...

Built with WordPress


Codepad was assembled in 2016. Codepad is a place for developers to share & save code snippets. It's a remarkable community (27000 members)...

Built with Laravel


4000 usd...

Curie is a personal trainer that will coach you to sit better. It's not about sitting straight all day but taking quick breaks and simple...

Built with RubyonRails, AWS, Angular



Pandacolors is simple online web tool for generating colors in one single click. Seeing the colors on templates real-time, you do not have...

Built with ReactJS, Firebase

Commit Print


I just don't have time to focus on it anymore. I've actually built out a whole 3D printing feature too, but never launched it. It's yours...

Built with laravel, mysql

Cat Attack


Selling because I don't have the time to update or maintain it. It's already made me a couple thousand dollars, and has huge...

Built with php

Raccoon MX


Raccoon MX is an email forwarding service, targeted towards users with numerous domains that are interested in having emails for each be...

Built with AngularJS, Express, Node, MySQL, Postfix, Auth0, Stripe