Softfocus is a very simple site I made a while back to apply the "soft focus" effect to a picture easily (online and for free). It doesn't requires any account and display no adds, people can just drop a picture and download the modified version. It doesn't make any revenue but doesn't cost much either (can run on a free Heroku dyno). I didn't advertise it but somehow it still get 5 to 10 images uploaded per day ^^, probably from online searches. I'm not sure if there's money to make here but maybe by adding more capabilities and effects (tilt-shift, etc..) and talking about it more it could be monetized with ads or premium features. Anyway I don't really have the time to work on this any more so I'll be happy to offer the code for very cheap if you want to do something with it.

Built with Ruby / Rails / MongoDB / ImageMagick

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