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Borderline is a marketplace for side projects. Buy & sell web applications, big or small, profitable or not, entirely for free. Buy someone else's Project or Sell Your Project

Borderline is a marketplace for startups. A platform where businesses, founders, engineers and designers can trade software rights or find companies to acquire.

People sell their technology when they get stuck, need the money to fund other projects or cannot figure out a way to market or monetise it. The projects listed on Borderline come in all forms and stages. Some listings are simple websites priced under $5,000. While other listings are SAAS products with customers and revenue going for 6 figures.

Startup ideas can fail for various reasons, some of which are marketing and geography related. Enterprising entrepreneurs might purchase technology with the intent of improving it, executing a better marketing strategy, bringing it to a new region and eventually charging for the service.

Some companies buy technology when it has synergies with their own offering with the hopes of integrating the two. One such example is when acquired via Borderline in January of 2019 to extend their product offering.

Our goal in the short term is to scale the buyer network, increase listings, build features, improve user experience and collect data. In the long term, we plan to monetise the platform by charging a commission on deals, launching a pro subscription and offering enterprise services.

Our largest competitor Flippa has an obvious listing quality problem that has been criticised on forums and blogs. They have a majority market share and use their monopoly to charge steep commissions and listing fees. We think we can provide a better service, maintain higher listing standards and remain affordable at scale.

Borderline was born out of a personal need to sell side projects. Today, the buyer network is 15,000+ members large and growing. Hundreds of sellers have listed their projects on the platform. As more people learn about Borderline, the platform becomes more valuable to both buyers and sellers. Buyers get more options and sellers gain liquidity.

We are genuinely excited about the possibilities that lie ahead; and thrilled to be building a platform that is useful to businesses, founders, engineers and designers.

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