MicroAcquire.com vs Borderline.biz

Borderline is a marketplace for side projects. Buy & sell web applications, big or small, profitable or not, entirely for free. Buy someone else's Project or Sell Your Project

• They make you signup which a total waste of time

• Custom brokerage model means they can only service a small number of customers every month

• They also require revenue which means they’re driving away good technology that hasn’t been monetised successfully. For example, Twitter has not had revenue for the longest time but the software that twitter runs is incredibly important.

• Their biggest weakness as I can see is the type of businesses that are listed. The majority of listings are Affiliate businesses or AdWords businesses. These are incredibly risky businesses to buy as they have very few points of failure.

• Google can close their AdWords account for various reasons and can cause an instant loss in revenue.

• Traffic sources are also fickle and can change over time.

• Owners of such businesses hope they can sell when times are good, and therefore leave the seller to figure out how to solve these problems when times get bad.

• Very little proprietary technology is associated with such businesses and so no real differentiation exists.

Borderline is a marketplace for startups. A platform where businesses, founders, engineers and designers can trade software rights or find companies to acquire.

People sell their technology when they get stuck, need the money to fund other projects or cannot figure out a way to market or monetise it. The projects listed on Borderline come in all forms and stages. Some listings are simple websites priced under $5,000. While other listings are SAAS products with customers and revenue going for 6 figures.

Startup ideas can fail for various reasons, some of which are marketing and geography related. Enterprising entrepreneurs might purchase technology with the intent of improving it, executing a better marketing strategy, bringing it to a new region and eventually charging for the service.

Who is Borderline.biz for?

• Serial entrepreneurs who’ve moved on or abandoned a startup idea can sell their company on Borderline

• Established startups looking to buy relevant technology to grow their business

• Non-technical founders, marketers, designers and growth hackers who’re looking to acquire technology that didn’t work for the original creators, but are confident that their improvements will yield a better result.

• Established companies that are looking to acquire competitors in the early stages

• Established companies looking to acquihire talent

• Founders looking for an exit.

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